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Gossip! Nadech Kugimiya already has a girlfriend, Yaya is

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Thank you so much Fia for your awesome summary! Again, I find your writing to be so refreshing! Thanks for all your time and effort in translating this episode, but most of all, thanks for always adding your funny side comments. Hehe.

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Thank you for the recap ja!! This is my first time to this blog. I really enjoy reading your recap. You made it very interesting to read. Even though I have watch the show so many time already I still enjoy reading your recap.

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Her popularity stems from various facts, one being that she is sweet, caring and down to earth to everyone she encounters whether it's her fans, producers, co-stars, directors, fashion designers etc.


Yaya says that she’s most bashful in this lakorn (moreso than in DJA.) Because they are virtual strangers and she has to essentially throw herself at him a lot. It’s so cute when she throws in some English words and Nadech helps her translate to Thai. But the two bonded over this lakorn and she started to feel less bashful during the love scenes.

Naturally, after topics of ordination, topics of marriage came up. The host refers to a time when Nadech used to say that he would marry by 78, and with a smile, Nadech accounts that ‘we can say 78 is a good year to be married, but as some of us have experienced, we end up marrying at 85.” Hee. The host agrees, she’s 87 and has yet to marry. Touché.

Thank you for another wonderful recap of the show. After reading your recap I went back to rewatch the show again. Now that I understand more clearly what their saying I 8767 m back to my jin/fin mood in 💭9 💭9 ..hehe!!

Pretty sure he 8767 s adopted. His adopted father is Japanese. Nadech is actually Thai-, maybe his dad never spoke Japanese with him but just Thai since he 8767 s been there so long. Besides who 8767 s going to speak Japanese all the time in a country where Thai is the main language.

Has your father helped you with the language?
Nadech:  My dad 8767 s more likely excited about the movie itself.  My dad didn 8767 t come at all, because the language is during the era of the world war.  It 8767 s better just to have him rest.

Oh using Yaya as a cover up?  That 8767 s no good.  Don 8767 t look at it that way.  I 8767 m not hiding anything.  This is more likely a misunderstanding.  Also this (news) will be damaging to Nong 8767 s reputation too.  

The host wonders if her first sighting of Nadech is similar to love at first sight. The fans scream, I scream, well maybe not scream, but totally beaming like an idiot.

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