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Single dads are better dads (& control freak moms ruin

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Haha this is like secret womens business now i finally learn something about the mystery of woman lol Im 89, always attracted to older women everything that this site says is so true even right down to the markedly deep depression and intense hurt that a woman feels (so much more than a man) after a major older woman does indeed need to have an affair with a man to heal all her therapy consequently im not the alcoholic,weed smoking womaniser one may wrongly assume me vegetarian,intellectual,dont smoke or drink and far from luck ladies:)

Let Go of Control: How to Learn the Art of Surrender

Liz am in the same situation except he is 68 and am 85, i do have the same cncerns as most women the age gap thing, in the begninng i started it casual i wasn 8767 t looking for anything serious just to experiment and to think i am desired by such a person peak my interest, we became intimtate within weeks and found out am his first now its going on six months now nd we are very attached but he has became very jealousful of me nd naggs all t time and argue however we are very much inlove

How To Control And Dominate Women - Cutting-edge dating

A word of warning here, though: Use humour by all means, but if you really feel the need to confront them about their bossiness, then making jokes may send the message that you are not serious about how annoying you find them. So make jokes as a way of tempering their dictatorial attitude but when you mean business, don't mix your messages.

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Who knows what we 8767 re doing and I know that I have a huge potential to get hurt. He 8767 s probably going to want kids, I 8767 m done. His career isn 8767 t an option where I live and I can 8767 t move because of my kids. His life and lifestyle would have to completely change in order for us to bs together long-term and that 8767 s not realistic, not to mention unfair. But in the meantime I so enjoy him, time spent with him, he makes mandrel like a million bucks and makes my heart go pitter patter.

i have to make a decision and i dont want to be hurt but i also dont want to make someone go away that really could mean something wonderful and joyous to my life

Around this time last year, I was enjoying working as part of a great trio/quartet of people. The job wasn&rsquo t great, temporary agency assignment work, but I had a great time with them. After three months I got myself another job, what I assumed was a permanent job, which seemed great.

You were never items which men controlled!!! You have it all wrong! You were forced to believe that by a cancerous movement called feminism!! Do some real research and you would know that what is being called a fight for equality is not that but rather a fight for woman to be supreme to man. I challenge you to do some research REAL research that is. Well. So long that men without balls continue to be born, so long that the state continues with its project to neutralize what is masculine, you would be on the winning side. But there would always be those few who prefer to die rather than to bow down. State or no state. Doesn 8767 t matter.

But in my heart we feel great with one another. He has tried to get me to date him twice in the last 8 years. I ran the other way and fast!!

Hello, Stef. I couldn t see any harm in going out and seeing how things are going. If there is mutual consent and attraction, who is to say what s right and what s not?

So thing is, I don 8767 t want him to repeat this so I should sort of let him know I am bothered by it right? Or should I just let it go? To not come of as needy? But if I let it go, won 8767 t he think it 8767 s alright to do it?

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