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Many fantasies for women include showing off. A lot! They dream about walking down a beach and by the time they reach the waters, they 8767 ve got almost all their clothes off. If not that, a woman fantasizes about having sex in public where people can see her performing her act. [Read: Public flashing girls confessions ]

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Women fantasize about what it would be like to be with someone of the same sex, someone who knows just how she wants to be touched and what will make her orgasm. [Read: Girls kissing each other ]

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This fantasy is all about having several men touch a woman at the same time. She may even dream about being surrounded by several men kissing, touching and seducing her at the same time.

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I agree with scott..When I was the thought of someone touching my wife was bad..But now, I would love to watch her with another man..My son in law would love to have her.. He told me that him and his dad would love to nail my wife.

Sex in public? certainly. Park bench, under a tree, golf course, restaurant bathroom, beach, elevator, BJ driving road-city, back seat, front hood at night on the street and a few other 8775 kinky 8776 moments. Quite a few women-girls like it and relish getting caught (giggles and all). I have refused a few times because I thought it was too much, being that I am the shy type.

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This includes tying him up and doing whatever she wishes to her man. Telling him to perform sexual acts on her as well as making him beg for what he wants, are just a few things that run along in a woman 8767 s mind in this fantasy for women. And trust me, some acts are just way too crude to be put here. The least of it 8767 s got something to do with peeing! Omigawd! [Read: Sexual fetishes ]

Wow, that 8767 s a sexy list, you guys. I actually didn 8767 t realize how many of these fantasies I actually like until I read through the article. It 8767 s really nice, and a turn on just reading it.

Women want nothing to do with any of the things on this hate sex and they only do it because men pressure them to or they do it to have a have no sexual desire whatsoever and can 8767 t have an DO NOT have sexual feelings or sexual fantasies of any list should be renamed 8775 What some perverted men think women want 8776 .Ask any REAL woman and they will tell you the same know this is going to hurt the fragile male ego but it 8767 s the truth.

Baidu TV Series Channel is attached to Baidu, China 8767 s largest search engine. The site provides a large number of  up-to-date hit dramas and feature programs. With considerable financial strength, Baidu can provide viewers with the up-to-date the most complete TV plays.

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