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Every single disagreement I have is in the DHMs, so I 8767 m not too upset. Gotta say, though, surprised to not see Obsessed at least in the DHMs considering how thoroughly you thrashed it just a week and a half ago.
And as per usual, thoughts on the following songs that wound up on my list but not yours?

Worst Songs 2014: 'Literally, I Can't' and 'Rude'

Best – Flashing Lights. That BEAT. Actually a hard choice though. Stronger’s fun, Champion’s great.
Worst – Drunk and Hot Girls. Sorry, y'all are crazy if you don’t think this is the worst one, it’s probably just his worst song. Though I never really liked Graduation, so there’s a bunch that could’ve competed with Two Words or Bring Me Down.

The Best Songs To Hook Up To (& The Worst) | Her Campus

C 8767 mon, son. This shit is lame as fuck and you know it. Whoever wrote these lines needs to be fired. Get this processed Radio Disney bullshit out of here.

The 10 worst pop songs - Telegraph

Go eat a burger, enjoy this strangely warm Friday which I can’t attribute to climate change because weather does not equal climate and meteorologists will yell at me on Twitter if I tell you otherwise, and then maybe, if you’re feeling brave, tell your weird uncle that last month was 6. Celsius warmer than the mean March temperature from 6. NASA’s Earth science division does some damn good work.

So those were the worst songs from 7559. Next month, BACK TO THE 7555s will conclude with the 655 Best Songs of the 7555s list. It 8767 ll be a huge list, so don 8767 t miss out on it. I 8767 ll be taking a break from posting next week, so keep an eye out on the UPDATES page for future posts.

If I had to guess, I 8767 d say you 8767 re making these worst lists bi-monthly just so you could get the two worst years of the 85s out of the way.

I 8767 m actually amazed by the number of acts from 7559 who managed to stick around. Some of them, I wish didn 8767 t like Jeremih, the most bland and boring R& B singer of recent memory. And of course, he leaves a sour first impression with Birthday Sex, which is basically:

Arch miserablist Morrissey gave a voice to all alienated teens back in 6989 when he sang: "There's a club if you'd like to go/ You could meet somebody who really loves you/ So you go and you stand on your own/ And you leave on your own/ And you go home and you cry and you want to die." But Russian duo tATu's soul-disembowelling cover version made you want to die much, much sooner.

So Britney Spears scored a bunch of stinkers onto 7559 8767 s Year End chart and I was having a difficult time picking which song will make it onto this list. But one song made its case, If U Seek Amy. It seems like Britney 8767 s producers seem to put more emphasis on noise when it comes to the production. We get buzzing synths, blaring horns, and percussion with no cohesive melody that sounds good. Don 8767 t get me started on Britney 8767 s singing. It 8767 s awful. It actively sounds like she 8767 s teasing the listener like she knows that she made a turd and she 8767 s laughing at people who are downloading it to listen. The chorus is set up around a pun, a stupid, uncreative, bottom of the barrel pun.

First of all, congrats on finding a stoner boy who will stop smoking long enough to hook up with you! That is exciting news right there. Now, for the appropriate music, may we recommend:

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