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Dubai Dance Clubs: 10Best Nightlife Reviews

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Popular, but not uncomfortably packed with revelers, Zinc seems to attract a fair number of flight crew members who appreciate the laid-back atmosphere. It's a dance club, to be sure, with the requisite stylish industrial-type décor, but the vibe is casual and not at all snooty. DJs spin popular dance tunes and some house and techno – nothing too daring or obscure. If you're looking for someplace upbeat but perhaps still a bit anonymous, give Zinc a try.

How to Decide Where to Live in Dubai

wow what a story, she is a wonderfully positive person. these kind of stories makes me feel grateful that I am living in Turkey. Reply Cancel

Jennifer Lopez to perform in Dubai - Khaleej Times

I love you, your blog, your interesting life, your writings, you family, and your SISU! If I visited KSA, I would totally adopt the attitude that you experience it as the culture dictates without deviation. I would never want to end up in jail, especially not knowing how to speak Arabic. I suspect, as a vacationer or visitor, I would be successful in KSA. Living there, however, would require a real commitment because deviation is not an option. I respect the SISU of your subject! Thanks for sharing. BTW, great title to the piece! -) Reply Cancel

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Horse Racing: The sport of horse racing is huge in Dubai races are held at Meydan Racecourse from November through April. As you might expect in this hangout for the international set, polo is also popular you can even take a 95-minute lesson at the Dubai Polo Academy on the grounds of the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club (Studio City 976 5 887 9897). For something different, check out camel racing it's held at the Al Marmoum track periodically during winter months.

By Taxi: Metered taxis line up at the port. They're your best bet for day visits to Jumeirah, an upscale area of hotels, shops, restaurants and beaches, or to Bar Dubai, where most of the historic sites are located. Fares to both places are reasonable.

A women is ONLY allowed to drive on the compound. The compound itself is HUGE and is an American Town in Saudi. You can drive up as far as the Aramco gate, and will then have to have a man drive from that point on (in Dhahran, Khobar, Dammam) or wherever. Once you leave Aramco you are once again back to Saudi rules. I know Leyla was supposed to answer.. but I have been to Aramco many times.. and have my mothers (Saudi) family all employed there and yes driven there :) Reply Cancel

I live in one of the Aramco compounds and can tell you yes, women can drive within any of the Aramco compounds, and they are quite large. There are other compounds which allow women to drive, such as the KAUST compound in Jeddah and others as well.

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With the household help to do the chores,, and more time with the grandchildren along with the perks of expatriate life, visiting grandparents often find China so agreeable that they return again and again!

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