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it's true, you're marrying the love of your life, not your parents. i'm going to live the rest of my life with the guy, not my dad, so who's he to day?

but it's hard, so hard. i'm ready to endure it all, but there's the nagging feeling of. whether is this enough?

*envious of yeewon and her khairi :[

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And.. Yes! Yes! Yes!
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The Truth About Asian Men Dating White Chicks

First of all, it&rsquo s important to think about the reasons why the Western woman/ Chinese man pairing is so rare. One of them could be the way in which Chinese men, all Asian men for that matter, are portrayed in Western culture. The emasculation of the Asian male is a well documented trope of Western cinema. Asian men are either portrayed as celibate, pure, martial arts heroes or one dimensional token minorities. The idea of Asian men as sexual beings doesn&rsquo t really exist in the Western public consciousness. This undoubtedly has an effect on the way Western women view Chinese men.

It s a common reaction across races and societies, and it is fundamentally linked to the idea of continuance of culture. When a man dates or marries in an outsider woman, he is seen as bringing in a new person that can bear children to continue the cultural heritage of the group. When a woman dates or marries and outsider man, she is seen as being taken away from the group, and will not be bearing children that will continue the culture and traditions of the group.

I m dating a malay guy for almost 7 years. In the 6st place, I already stated so many times that I don t wanna convert. he promised me that he won t make me convert and will prove it to my mom that i don t have to convert. he would migrate to marry said he would do anything to make me happy. we are like the happiest couple in the world. but after 7 years, as he started to pray, he thinks that he was wrong and he is sinned by doing that. i said i agreed to be with him because of our promise in the 6st place. he cried. he said he really wanna take care of me and be with me together. he said maybe he can just be my forever lover.

And be sensitive to the fact that you&rsquo re in a more conservative society. In China, exes very rarely stay friends, so if you say goodbye, it&rsquo s probably for good.

But then again, I see that marriage should be something between 7 people who love each other. No other people should try to break them up with factors such as religions.

I think that religion is a choice. If the girl/guy wants to convert to Islam, that is his business (though one can say that the views of family and friends should also be looked at, but this is another story)

If the girl/guy wants to convert out of Islam, that is again his/her own business.

We live in a free world a democratic one in the 76th century. We should be allowed to make our own choices. Whether it is Buddhism/Christianity/Hinduism/Islam, we should live it up to personal choice. We shall not force anyone to convert nor prevent a marriage on ground of religion.

Not every Chinese man enjoys being sajiao -ed at however. Part of your appeal may be your independence and the different way you communicate with him.

It’s not necessarily hard to find single girls here. Along with Malaysia being more conservative and issues around safety, there are more trust issues when making friends with girls, especially meeting a complete stranger. The difficulty is similar to Vancouver but for different reasons.

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