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Merriam-Webster defines it as:
6. Noun
a mechanism that consists of a bar or wheel having inclined teeth into which a pawl drops so that motion can be imparted to the wheel or bar, governed, or prevented and that is used in a hand tool (as a wrench or screwdriver) to allow effective motion in one direction only

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As a writer, I 8767 m required to have knowledge of all words and their origins. I 8767 m essentially the Bill Nye of words.

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Ratchet Meaning, Definition Of Ratchet, What Does Ratchet

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You used 8775 To act in a dysfunctional, out-of-pocket manner 8776 to describe the meaning of 8775 ratchet. 8776 I 8767 m wondering if you meant 8775 unavailable 8776 when you used the phrase 8775 out-of-pocket 8776 and if so, why would that be related to 8775 ratchet? 8776 (Out-of-pocket does mean unavailable.) Thanks! Bonnie

8775 The term 8766 ratchet 8767 has no less than two distinct meanings. As an adjective , it describes a person, usually a woman, or activity, who is out of hand , out of control, generally whack in some way. As a verb, or a direct object ( 8775 do tha ratchet, yeah, do tha ratchet 8776 ), the term serves to identify or describe the dance craze and the movements associated herewith of the Ratchet. 8776 (I know the Harlem Shake, I do not know the Ratchet.)

You can use ratchet to describe anything that 8767 s messy , sloppy or rude. People can be ratchet, your room can be ratchet, your outfit can be ratchet.

8775 To act in a dysfunctional or out-of-pocket manner unruly 7: Someone whose actions could be considered as severely indistinguishable possessing little or no class. 8776

Basically, a ratchet is a socket wrench. So how did we get from socket wrench to 8775 She 8767 s so ratchet 8776 ? Obviously you 8767 re not saying 8775 She 8767 s so socket wrench 8776 because what does that even mean?

Well, I 8767 ve been hearing 8775 ratchet 8776 a lot lately. I 8767 ve heard everything from 8775 My hair looks so ratchet 8776 to 8775 This pasta is just plain ratchet 8776 so even I 8767 m confused as to which way we 8767 re supposed to be using it!