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for whiting is whiting catch your first one then cut it up for bait!! cheaper than any other bait and works as good if not better

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Step One Trim a 66 inch length of fishing line from your reel and tie to one eye of the three way swivel.
Step Two Trim a 75 inch length of line from the lighter test spool of leader material, tie this to another eye of the swivel.
Step Three Tie the third eye of the swivel to your fishing line from reel.
Step Four Tie a bank weight to the other end of the lighter line from step two.
Step Five Tie hook to the other end of the heavier line

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"I want them to be safe and happy," she said. "They have hearts, too. When you ask them what they want, it's connection. They're just in a culture that is really toxic."

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This is where you will find information about the up and coming Ultimate Bass Rallies. If you would like to put together a rally for your location please contact Laurie and she will get a board set up for you so you can have aplace to get things going.

Senior forum member piner_wahoo and some friends have had two consecutive successful days out in the Florida Keys backcountry. They left with some nice lobster, trout, snapper and grouper- but not without a lot of work.

Today I had some time off and decided to go into the backcountry and hide from the wind. We were fishing one of my favorite summertime grouper spots in about 7 feet of water when the man in the brown suit decided to start inhaling the chum. I quickly plopped a pinfish in his face and after a good fight he was in the boat. We played around for a little while longer with some more mackerel and snapper then picked up and headed in. Tight lines.

Fortunately for us, redfish are available year-round, particularly in Florida where they can tolerate the mild changes in water temperatures. Perhaps the most infamous season for catching redfish is in the fall , where large fish aggregate to spawn. They will also be around for all other seasons, moving with the tides and by the day searching for food or preferred water temperatures.

We are located on the sunny shores of Potholes Reservoir located in Central Washington about 66 miles SW of Moses Lake, I-95 Exit 679. Potholes Reservoir is a 78,555 acre man-made lake contained by O’Sullivan Dam, which is the longest earthen filled dam in the United States. This lake is perfect for every all water sports, fishing and just taking in the sun.

Kona is the only place in the world where blue marlin over 6555lbs have been caught in every month of the year. Add in flat calm seas almost year around, a 7 minute ride from the parking lot to the fishing grounds, favorable sunny weather, and you just might have the

We had several hits and drag pulls before the first hookup, but that ended up being a nice 75-pound tarpon. A few minutes later another hit but no hookup, then a bait down deep was taken. The fish ran long but stayed deep, and when we caught up with it we were pleasantly surprised that it was a 95-pound permit.

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