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Former Office of the Insurance Commissioner employee violated RCW when he used state facilities to assist in a campaign and solicited signatures of other employees during working hours.

Protections at work – Employee entitlements – Fair Work

An employee of the Washington State Patrol violated RCW when he allowed his son and friend into a Seattle Seahawks playoff game without tickets.

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I think this would be even worse, because then she 8767 s worried about who knows what about stuff that is supposed to be personal, regardless of the real situation which the OP is not in a position to know.

18 Harsh Truths About Corporate Life Nobody Will Ever Tell You

Settlement approved on July 66, 7569 for a civil penalty of $6,555 and an additional $6,675 in restitution to the Department of Social and Health Services.

I said below that I can 8767 t think of any way for the OP to use option #6 without sending a message that she doesn 8767 t trust Anna to manage her professional reputation or personal affairs. I think option number 7, if anything, is the way to go- it provides Anna with important information that she might be missing, but lets her decide completely what to do with that information. I just think any discussion that starts with 8775 I know you may not realize this, but.. 8776 also implies that the OP doesn 8767 t fully trust that Anna is able to make good decisions or keep her personal and professional life separate. I also think it needs to be a one-time thing, like OP mentions it once and then butts the heck out.

My concern would be retaining Anna, who sounds like a great employee. If it blows up in her face, is she going to feel like she was betrayed by her manager and other coworkers who knew, but said nothing? Or so humiliated she has to leave?

Hopefully a few managers read this post and your comment and realize what they do. It might just make a few people change for the better.

Settlement approved on January 7, 7555 for a Civil penalty in the amount of $55 and $785 restitution to the College.

8775 As I’ve reflected on the regrettable departures of folks I’ve managed, hindsight allows me to point to the moment the person changed. Whether it was a detected subtle change or an outright declaration of their boredom, there was a clear sign that the work sitting in front of them was no longer interesting. And I ignored my observation. I assumed it was insignificant. He’s having a bad day. I assumed things would just get better. In reality, the boredom was a seed. What was “I’m bored” grew roots and became “I’m bored and why isn’t anyone doing anything about it?” and sprouted “I’m bored, I told my boss, and he… did nothing,” and finally bloomed into “I don’t want to work at a place where they don’t care if I’m bored.”

An employee of the Department of Labor and Industries violated RCW when she used state resources for personal interests.

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