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F: I, in no way, think that pedophilia is a victimless crime, far from it. It is among the most heinous of crimes known to our justice system and children and their families often remain victimized for a lifetime.

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very good job. they must have more of these shows. i think it is a very good way to protect those who needs the protection of law the most, children.


I hope it's not too late to get a reply from you, but it seems to me from all you said, that the only thing the show would have to do to easily prosecute this guys is hire a minor actress?

FBI 'paid Geek Squad employees to help find child porn

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normal people who are only normal in relation to an abnormal society. our whole view of sex is warped by thousands of years of religion. thats why we all suck at it. maybe we're not starting enuff. nyahahaha

The people on the show had turned up to have sex with a minor, they deserved everything they got. They were NOT innocent people.

Most critically, he provides parents with concrete steps they can take to protect their kids today, including how to initiate meaningful conversations with their children. To Catch a Predator teaches parents and children what they need to know before the next predator strikes.

Let's have a real test. When they get to the house, bring out a prepubesent girl and have her say, Ok, are you ready to do it?" If they say yes, chris jumps out. I bet that seeing a preteen girl would bring them out of their fantasy. This would not bring in ratings.

The chick you put up isn't anyone's idea of a girlfriend, more like a one night stand. That's why you got no controversy from her. Try again.

LOL! This is soooooo embarrassing. I can't even imagine anything more embarrassing then this. Makes you wonder why these guys keep doing it? I think it was the first season of "to catch a predator" where they were just getting started and didn't arrest the guys. After the perps were humiliated on national TV some of them STILL got caught again in later shows (I think after that they were arrested).

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