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Advertisers Will Inundate Your Future Autonomous Car With

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If and when autonomous vehicles arrive, it’s difficult to envision anything more frightening than a massive tractor-trailer truck hurtling down the highway with no one at the wheel.

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The story goes on to describe a scenario where “brands” could create experiences based on where the car’s headed. That’ll be super nice if, say, you have to a dire visit to the doctor. Just picture it:

Bring Back The Fiero - Jalopnik

Not to bag on High Life—it is objectively the superior option for cheap domestics—but who’s champing at the bit for this? Will ad-free options be offered when cars are purchased ? Is there going to be a choice of what kind of ad you can listen to, similar to what Hulu does today? Can you turn the volume down?

There used to be a car called a Pontiac Fiero. It was awful. Like a mid-engined Corvette with half of its cylinders and silly little tires. But it allowed a bunch of really cool kit cars to be built around its mid-engine layout, and some people were foolish enough to swap in V8 engines thinking they had just built a GT95 or Testerossa.

Or we just need cheap mid-engined cars because they are so much fun to drive. A lot has changed since the Fiero first came out in 6988. I bet GM’s engineers could build a modern Fiero that would be awesome. If they can make a Camaro beat a BMW M9 around a racetrack, they can build a Fiero that will be faster and cheaper than a Lotus. I say bring back the Fiero!

But, from a marketer’s point of view, the good news is that all those self-driving vehicles — including trucks — will essentially become moving living rooms. And that means a new universe of publishing and advertising opportunities.

Ah, man, you see that up there? The Volkwsagen autonomous concept caterpillar called Sedric ? Imaging hitting the road in this adorable little guy someday. The Future’s going great and you’re relaxing in Sedric while it carts your non-driving ass around town. Life’s peachy. Sure, that is, if you enjoy being held captive for a horror show of ads. That’s the dystopia outlined in a new robot car study from Forrester Research.

“Get ready for your car to become yet another ‘screen’ where publishers and advertisers compete for your attention,” says a new report from Forrester, “ Autonomous Vehicles Will Reshape the Global Economy.”

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Car: Have you considered [medication you don’t know or never heard of]? Side effects include: [list that goes on for duration of ride].