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Not sure what I had done in two weeks that he made no communication or cutting me off. All I know, he is super sensitive type. He has very minimal friends and tendency to be loner/aloof.
I am annoyed and felt being betrayed. What do you think?

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b) Again it depends on the person. I don 8767 t think French guys are any more or less caring than Americans toward female friends. I 8767 d think that if you 8767 re both single and he 8767 s making an effort to talk to you, he is at least open to the idea of being more than just friends. He 8767 s testing the waters by asking if you 8767 re seeing someone else. Seems positive.

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I am seeing a french man. We were classmates in 7567. Then, recently reconnected. We spent 9 days together including New Year eve in his place ( Washington). I live in Texas. He was very sweet, overly caring , fun and a little bossy when he cant see me. We had minor disagreement but able to patch things up. He wanted to adopt a child and I wanted my own kid in the future. Then, he said we 8767 ll just be friends BUT remains sweet and same all things he does. Does french man change their mind? In US, if we say just friends it is final How about for french man? He said he 8767 ll visit me soon. He is giving me mix signals. I think he is afraid of commitment Is it worth it to entertain him or should I completely forget about him? Pldase advise.


Yea no any msg from him since that I guess he is just looking for fun, and I have already make it very clear that I 8767 m not that kind of easy girl which he might looking for I guess that 8767 s why he didn 8767 t msg me anymore I believe that I can do better!!! Thankyou Diane!!! Thought we don 8767 t know each other, I felt love in your words If you have a chance to come to Hong Kong, do remember to tell me!!

You 8767 re welcome. I think you 8767 ll definitely rest easier knowing the truth (hopefully he will give that to you) even if it hurts at first. Hoping for the best!

Hi Diane, quick update on my situation. I told him I didn 8767 t know where I stood with him, that I was starting to like him but was confused on the situation as I hadn 8767 t heard from him.

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Also, my husband who is French has his own column on my blog called Ask Tom Tuesdays, so you can get more insight there. Just search from the search box on the home page. 😉

Thanks, nobody hurted me like him before ill try to keep the good memories cuz at least he made me have a great time there, but i cant believe we end up like this 🙁
Thanks for your blog, its great to have a place to express and recive your good advice!

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