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The assertion is that America is the most religious nation in the Western world. But I think the statistics might be telling us something quite different.

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pretty sure there are more serious issues than this that we should be arguing and fighting what if those parents are doing it affecting you directly?? Have a look at some other stuff on this site and you will see things are just so disgusting and heartbreaking and those are the issues we should be focusing sayin..

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this boy name Cade he keeps touching my leg, shoulder, & thigh. He told me that he does not like me, not but he keeps touching me and I have to sit with him what should I do?????

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So you should be on the lookout for some of these signs and master how to counterattack using the potent gift of female intuition.

Male and female differences cause us pain, yet at the same time, the universe made sure that women are well taken care of

Then later he did it again, but this time I was clocking out, and I turned around, he was right behind me and was reaching for the 8767 m like 8775 God, you gave me a heart attack, don 8767 t do that. 8776 He laughed 8775 Sorry, hun 8776 .

I feel a little left out. My dad abandoned me before I was born and my grandfather died when I was six months, so I've never had a male figure in my life. I was raised by my mother and grandmother (neither of whom are religious), and they encouraged a healthy, fulfilling life with everything that this world could offer. I'm now 79, have had a steady boyfriend for three years, and am working towards my medical license. That boyfriend is the only guy I've ever been with (I can't honestly say "kissed" because I enjoyed dating in high school that never made it to second base), and Charlie and I have what I like to think is a great sex life.

there 8767 s this guy im good friends with at church who im starting to really like :8. last week he was staring at me nonstop while in service. it creeped me out but i kinda liked it.. so i kept making funny faces and then he made those same funny faces back. i dunno he looks at me like as if im the most beautifulest gurl he 8767 s seen in his entire life. and hes always talking to me 😮 does this mean he likes me?? 😮 plzz reply

Now his girlfriend thinks that we don 8767 t talk to each other and also hate each is what we made her think and now she is less interested in him because she was dating him because he was 8775 the cool guy 8776 and she was competing with me,it was really an unhealthy competition, isn 8767 t ,that unhealthy competition helped me a lot, i got to know that no one can separate me and A.

when we were messing around he told me I was cute and that he liked my unique style, and that he is rarely interested in hispanic girls. which I also find weird about myself because I rarely like hispanic boys.