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Just to be clear, we’re only recounting games that were full-on crossovers. A special unlockable skin, single character, or item from another series is all well and good, but we’re not considering those small instances as an official “mashup.”

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Background: Before Sonic made his grand debut on the Sega Genesis in 6996, Sega’s go-to mascot was a scrappy hero by the name of Alex Kidd. The last of his five adventures on the Master System (or any console for that matter) was Alex Kidd in Shinobi World. The game was a direct parody of another successful Sega property — Shinobi. When his girlfriend is kidnapped by Hanzo the Dark Ninja, Alex does what any hero would do and fuses with the spirit of an ancient warrior. Despite being an Alex Kidd title, the gameplay was nearly identical to the Shinobi series, with sneaky ninja attacks and swordplay in full effect. Fans and critics alike dug Alex’s new arsenal and not-so-subtle Shinobi ties. It’s too bad we haven’t heard from Alex Kidd since.

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Titles like Puyo Puyo Tetris and Street Fighter X Tekken prove that bringing two successful franchises together can yield a match made in heaven. But every now and then two brazenly different intellectual properties form an unholy union that manages to get things right.

The somewhat surprising success of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle   for the Nintendo Switch   has some players scratching their heads and others contemplating what crossovers developers should be considering for their next big release. While the future may look bright for gaming mashups, the past still holds its fair share of titles that managed to meld two unique worlds into one playable package.

Reader Devin Smith, no stranger to amazing custom controller designs , returns with this God of War piece that has everything you’d expect, down to the paint and leather.