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It s great that you, the experienced gamer, would never pay for this service, but if somehow magically you did, you d need like the Picasso of GMing to make you so entertained or you wouldn t feel like you got your money s worth, but you aren t the target audience here.

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The problem is that the RPG community is cheap-as-fuck-all and getting them to pay for private room time is going to be difficult.

My local game store just closed - I want to talk about why

I have always paid my gm in Mountain Dew and Cheetos, more recently in pizza and scotch. I definitely have had a couple of gm s that I think are worth $65 an hour or more.

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I don t think this service should be overlooked or undervalued, but if you ve already got a dedicated group and you re not interested in meeting new players, it may not be of value to you.

Renting table space. This is the dumbest idea ever. You WANT people to come in and play because that s when they buy new stuff, or a soda and snacks, etc. They want to spend there money of something tangible. They don t want to keep spending money to play their game. If I wanted to pay every time I played, I d stay home and play WoW.

As much as I read about Pharasma on PF wiki she despises undead but she isn''t chaotic. Her attitude is rather cold, meaning she hates undead and believes they are unnatural but she doesn''t have to respond with total hate and destruction upon them. Her Alignment is Neutral.

FLGSs need to focus on environment as a service. I would be willing to pay for a nice place to play, and that s not something you can buy online. Have a variety of minis and terrain. I ve seen a number of people here talk about paying GMs to run games. Focus on the things that drivethrurpg doesn t sell.

I havent totally decided on the snacks bit, it was an idea one of my players brought to me. I have run in local cons before, and kept a single 67 man party together for a full 9 months (seriously, try it). As I said in my post I have been running/gaming for 8 years. Unfortunately I have not published anything, although I also have not tried. Pregens, quick start, etc are kind of a given to me when it comes to GMing although as with many things it can depend on the system.

You assume that everyone in a game store has a group they get to play with. People come to a game store to get materials and find like minded people. I don t plan to work exclusively off this group, but it would be nice to use it as the main focus.

big thing. references? ie - how do your potential customers know that you are any good? Have you run any games, is there a record of those games they can peruse?