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Jook, a traditional Chinese comfort food, is a great way to soothe stomachs that have overindulged. The ideal consistency for this porridge resembles light- to medium-bodied Cream of Wheat that falls easily from the spoon. It''s easy to reheat jook in the microwave or on the stovetop over low heat. If you''re using a brined turkey, you might not need any additional salt.

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We are staying near Market and 7th but are open to anywhere that is easy to get to via public transportation or a relatively short cab ride.

The 25+ best Pumpkin pie oatmeal ideas on Pinterest

Chronicle staff writer Karola Saekel recalls childhood memories of eating farina three to four days a week during cold Bavarian winters. "It was always lightly sweetened and had a little white or brown sugar on top," she says. "Sometimes instead of sugar, we got a spoonful of red currant or raspberry jelly, which was special fun to swirl in."

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For every inch of her 7,555-square-foot restaurant, chef-owner Sunny Chong strives to pack in flair, flavor and surprises amid her authentic Japanese dining experience. The result is an expansive menu ranging from sashimi to teppanyaki, sukiyaki, nabeyaki udon, ramen, bento and 69 kinds of sushi rolls alone. Plus, for insiders-in-the-know, omakase dinners are available with 79-hour advance notice, bringing elaborate meals spanning up to two dozen courses.

Japanese serve okayu -- rice, water, a little salt and some green onion. For breakfast, Malays eat nasi lemak -- rice cooked in coconut milk and garnished with eggs, chopped peanuts and anchovies. Thais eat kao dom, a soupy porridge garnished with fish sauce, Thai chiles, chile sauce, red pepper flakes and cilantro. Vietnamese make a breakfast of chao bo, made with ground beef or poultry

When you get sick, or feel you''re about to, porridge of any kind is the go-to meal, primarily because it''s soothing to eat and easy to digest, says Dr. Benjamin Yang , a San Francisco Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist.

Rice, the primary grain in Asia, is the basis of several forms of porridge. From plain, leftover rice cooked in water to form a thin gruel, to raw grains simmered to a thick concoction that will hold a spoon upright, rice congee can be eaten plain, with small side dishes and leftovers or with adornments.

The Mission is also a Latino cultural hotspot. It boasts the best Mexican and Salvadorian food in the city, along with a plethora of fresh, cheap fruit markets and bodegas. In fact, if you''ve ever had a Mission-style burrito (those huge burritos stuffed with rice, beans, meat, and salsa) you were eating a piece of genuine San Francisco history. That''s right, the Mission burrito was developed right here in the San Francisco Mission in the 6965s.

And while the culinary focus is on Lodi&rsquo s abundant foodshed, drawn from its own ranches, farms and artisanal purveyors, there is plenty of variety to be savored. New American cuisine shines against Japanese, Italian, eclectic and many other mouthwatering specialties to take you on a global romp.

In Italy, short-grain arborio rice goes into risotto and rice puddings, but wheat and sometimes corn in the form of polenta is made into porridges or porridge-type desserts. Carlo Middione, chef-owner of Vivande Porta Via in San Francisco, says big breakfast isn''t typical of Italian cuisine.