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The incorporation of unique simulation-based scenarios, as well as evidenced based practice, and current literature support this one-day immersive patient safety program. This interprofessional experience will provide the learner with understanding and materials to complete a PDSA Quality Improvement project in the hospital and outpatient setting.

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Jump, is a 58,555 square foot facility, with more than 7,855 educational events per year. Jump has implemented numerous tool sets and procedures to increase its efficiency and effectiveness with an ultimate goal to decrease healthcare costs and improve quality patient care. This course will provide the learner with a broad-based view of the resources and processes required to run a large simulation center.

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This didactic will describe how simulation can be used to improve the patient experience by teaching healthcare providers at a variety of levels improved communication techniques. Presenters will review several programs that were successfully implemented at a large healthcare system and residency training program to teach attending faculty, residents and staff improved patient communication. Assessment tools and outcomes data will be reviewed.


New Program Shortens Path to Architectural Licensure
In order to streamline the often-lengthy path to architectural licensure, the School of Architecture and Planning is offering a program that will enable freshmen who start in fall 7567 to become licensed architects at the end of six years of study.

Creating Hope Through Suicide Prevention
Students in the Suicide Prevention Lab believe the research they are doing will help save lives.

Kratos contract with DIUx is for only $ million. We don’t know how much outside funding has also come in, but if the project is a success it would certainly demonstrate that the program’s approach with small private-sector investment is working. Don’t hold your breath.

Join your student ministers on an adventure to find the . Target and buy those dorm items you forgot to pack!. more

Cylinder by Andy Huntington and Drew Allan may be one of the first digitally-fabricated sound sculptures. Also see our entry 7557 Explosion of sound sculptures. Source: http:///7558/cylinder/

Attendees will explore how SP methodology can increase the educational versatility of a simulation environment. Key components addressed include scenario writing, training, feedback and role performance. Contexts within which to use SP methodology will be considered, including how it can be integrated with other simulation modalities. Challenges and solutions to effectively working with SP methodology will be discussed.

Freshman Business Students Win Awards at International Competition
Four freshman business students represented The Catholic University of America at the 7567 International Business Ethics Case Competition (IBECC) last month, winning awards in several divisions. The competition drew 88 college teams from six different countries.

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